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Poker Tracking Software

Information is power and that's especially important to realise when seated at a poker table. Although it's impossible to know what cards your opponents have hidden in their hands, that's really just part of the equation. Any winning poker strategy needs to know the odds, track hand histories, and analyse every piece of information available to you. Even if you are simply playing poker for fun, isn't it more fun to win big and win more often?

Since you probably have a computer in front of you right now, you might as well get it working for you. You don't have to be a computer engineer or mathematician, either. To make sense of what's happening at the tables, just use the latest poker tracking software and instantly improve your game.

Poker Tracking Software In A Nutshell:

  • Poker tracking software gives you the information you need to improve your game.
  • To learn more about your game, import your hand histories into one of the many available poker tracking software programs.
  • There are free and paid tools available of varying quality.
  • You can import hand histories from all the sites you play on to get the biggest and best picture of your game possible.
  • Poker tracking software works best with a Mac or PC, although mobile technologies are expanding quickly.
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Give Yourself A Hand

Most poker sites let you access your hand histories. You can download them and review them at your leisure. These are key to whatever strategy you decide to use. They are great for reliving past glories, but the greater value is in learning from your mistakes and seeing how and when success plays out. That's just a starting point, however, since today's poker tracking software does so much more.

Generally you can import your hand histories directly into the poker tracking software. The relative ease of this process will depend on the software you select and the site you play on, but, unlike some years ago, it's fairly straightforward. You can actually import hand histories from all the sites you play on. Don't limit yourself to a single site when you can view the full picture.

Get Analytical

Once you've imported your hand history the data analysis begins. Easily see how you performed every step of the way. Isolate parts of the hand and learn how you do at the flop, turn, and river. Celebrate your bad beats and learn how tragic they are and how often they take place.

You can see interesting titbits, like how many ZA Rand you voluntarily put into the pot, how many big blinds per hundred hands lost or won, the number of showdowns won, how aggressive you were, steal percentages and so much more. Your play patterns might end up surprising you. Whatever you uncover, the most important part is what you learn from it. Psychology doesn't have to be an art form, and that's especially true when you have got winning down to a science.

Integrate To Win

There are lots of different poker software tracking packages. Some decent ones are available for free. You'll also find some for reasonable fees and a couple that use a subscription model with value added services. Whichever you choose, you'll find the best ones are worth your attention and can quickly improve your game.

Some of the better poker tracking software packages feature what is called a heads up display. This actually integrates with the site and can provide you with real time data that is overlaid on top of the game. This will only work on a Mac and PC, and is generally not available when taking advantage of the mobile experience.