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When Steve Jobs took to the stage to introduce the original iPhone in 2007, he billed it as an iPod, internet communicator, and phone in a single device. Apple certainly wasn't the first to fuse these functions, but they definitely got the execution right. The iPhone has changed not just the way we communicate, but also the entire way we interact with people and our world. From iPhone online poker to Siri and iOS, everything that came before it simply seems primitive.

Today's devices are as powerful as last year's laptops and far more portable. They also happen to be perfect for playing iPhone online poker or any type of online poker for that matter, especially in SA. If you're reading this on your handset right now then you can explore all the best online poker, iPhone poker and iPad poker sites. Start playing online in SA now.

We consider Titan Poker to be the best casino app optimised for iPhone. Still – we wouldn’t list apps on our recommended sites which we didn’t think were of excellent quality.

What you'll find:

  • The iPhone is perfect for playing from anywhere.
  • The best poker sites aren't always optimized for mobile but we've found the top iOS friendly apps.
  • Poker software is available in the Apple Store but most people play directly in their browser for maximum flexibility.
  • Play optimized for iPhones and other mobile devices so they'll look great on a smaller screen.
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Understanding iPhone Poker

While there are plenty of pretenders these days, nothing can match Apple's operating system and ecosystem. The so-called walled garden has no shortage of detractors, yet you know it provides you the best overall mobile experience and that absolutely extends to iPhone poker and other casino games.

Great online poker South Africa game play comes down to compatibility. We've thoroughly tested all the top online poker SA offerings and uncovered the best iPhone poker sites. It's important to realize that even if you are already an online poker South Africa expert, you might find some of your favourite sites aren't as great on the go.

Narrowing Down Your Options

It's important that a poker room detects what device you are using before providing you with the best experience. With less screen real estate at your disposal, you'll want an experience that's programmed from the ground up rather than just a loose adaptation that's rendered on the fly. That's why you should go straight to verified poker sites iPhone.

Fortunately there is no shortage of great options available in the world of poker apps, iPhone and iPads included. We have them all right here for online poker, South Africa shouldn't be shut out. When you choose online, iPhone poker, or our Apple iOS picks, the door is wide open with options.

Apple Poker Download Instructions

Since laws vary by country and regularly find themselves in a state of flux, the casino and poker software that's available in the smartphone App Store differ by region and over time. The quick work around is to fire up safari or your favourite browser and surf directly to any of our recommended sites. After signing up you can quickly create a shortcut on your desktop so you can hit the tables in mere milliseconds.

iPhone Poker Performance Tips

For the best experience it's a good call to run iOS 7 or iOS 8. Those are the latest versions of the system software and they are compatible with devices released in the past few years. iPhones do a good job of informing you when there is an update available.

If you are thinking about taking your online poker South Africa experience on the go, the iPhone offers better security and privacy than Android. Although the compatible sites don't always overlap entirely, we've got iPhone online poker apps covered.