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Top Visa Online Poker Sites For South Africans

Visa, the world's most popular credit card, recently brought back an old slogan. You may have seen billboards proclaiming it's everywhere you want to be. Even though the award winning tagline is straight out of the 1980s, it couldn't be truer in the internet era. Let's face it. Being able to spend money online is practically the reason the web was invented or at least it feels that way. Naturally one of the places you want to be is playing online poker, South Africa edition.

Fortunately there are scores of online poker Visa sites. Our seasoned team examined them all. We've refined our results and produced the best Visa online poker rooms in all of online poker South Africa. It's time to get everywhere you want to be. So grab your wallet and take your seat.

What you'll find:

  • A safe, secure and convenient deposit method.
  • Some fees may apply when using plastic to play online poker.
  • It's accepted at many different sites in South Africa.
  • You may need another form of payment to withdraw.
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Your Online Poker Visa Passport

Visa is particularly popular due to its inherent ease. Chances are there is a card sitting in your wallet at this very moment. Why familiarise yourself with something new when what you already have works so well with online poker South Africa? Why spend your time decoding a bunch of whacky banking methods when you just want to play cards? Wouldn't you rather spend the time developing a winning online poker SA strategy for what's going to take place on the felt?

Visa also gives you security at online poker SA tables. You have the backing of the world's leading card issuer behind you should anything go awry. Visa Cards Online poker South Africa sites that proudly display the famous logo are typically regulated and licensed but be sure to inquire within.

Getting Started With Visa Cards & Poker

When you choose Visa online poker for the first time, there isn't really much to know. In all likelihood you've shopped online before or at least visited your bank on the web. When you make your initial online poker SA deposit, it works in a similar fashion to making any online purchase.

After setting up an account at your preferred Visa online poker site, instead of selecting merchandise, you'll visit the banking page and select Visa as a deposit method. When it's time to check out, just enter your desired deposit amount. You'll then be prompted for your card number, expiration date, and usually the three security numbers on the back, which is known as the CVV or card verification value. Most online poker SA sites also require your address to confirm your identity.

Knowing Your Limits

Long gone are the days when most online poker Visa sites required you to fax in additional paperwork. Do people even have fax machines anymore? It seems right out of the tech stone age now that everyone is video chatting and ordering pizza from their phone. Many sites do have daily limits. Also your card may have certain restrictions such as maximum deposit amounts, which apply to poker sites, Visa or otherwise.

You can expect most deposits to be credited instantly to your online poker SA account, but a short delay may occur during your first deposit. Whether you are new to online poker South Africa or are simply experimenting with new sites and payment methods, don't forget to cash in. Take advantage of sign up bonuses, reload bonuses and reward programs that are the hallmark of online poker SA and leading Visa poker sites.

It's worth noting that fees may apply when using Visa to deposit funds. Finally, not all online poker Visa sites that accept Visa as a deposit method allow you to withdraw your winnings back to your card. You may need to use another banking method to get your cash back, although you will usually have a choice.