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Best Mac Online Poker Sites

Online poker Mac users have been thinking differently for decades, but what happens when a computer enters the mainstream? Just head to your local coffee shop and check the logos proudly displayed on the back. Those Macbook Pros and Airs don't stand out because they are rare. They get noticed for their style and because they are simply great machines. Fortunately, the popularity comes with the benefit of compatibility and that's true for Mac online poker too, especially when playing South Africa online poker.

While there are many Mac online poker sites out there, not every site is Apple friendly. You can't just flock to any site that puts up a pictures of a piece of fruit with a bite out of it. The great news is we've found the best Mac online poker sites in all of online poker South Africa.

For Mac:

  • Offers the best experience on desktops and laptops.
  • Offers great stability for uninterrupted poker games.
  • Not all rooms are Apple-friendly but you can access most sites using special software.
  • Play directly in a browser by downloading Mac apps from certain Apple poker sites, or running the software on a PC in an emulator.
  • We've found the best sites that give you a great experience.
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As Easy As Apple Pie

The best Mac online poker sites let you play on your Mac without making you jump through hoops. You want the full experience not some reasonable approximation. You shouldn't have to miss out on key features just because some programmers are too lazy to support a superior machine. If you want to play poker online, apple poker is the way to go.

These days online poker, Mac poker, Apple poker, and OS X Yosemite poker are one and the same. Most of the best sites that don't offer a Mac specific download let you play in your browser. With people playing on all sorts of desktops, laptops, mobile devices, and tablets, in browser gaming lets sites attract more online poker SA players.

Designed In California For South Africans

Luckily for you, we've logged the necessary hours to create an extensive list of the leading Mac poker sites, Apple friendly style. If there's a computer from Cupertino on your lap, table , or desk get ready for the best online poker South Africa has ever seen.

If you find a poker room that isn't Mac compatible, you still have plenty of online poker SA options. You can easily install Windows on any Mac. Just use a program called Boot Camp that lets you install Windows on your Apple computer. When you turn on your computer, you'll be able to choose if you want to launch Windows or Mac OS. You can also use emulators like fusion, virtual box, and parallels to run programs from both operating systems at the same time.

Apple Online Poker South Africa

Apple takes pride in creating a complete experience for their users. Since the same geniuses in California designed both the software and hardware, they work together seamlessly and stably. You can count on rock solid performance, which is precisely what you need when playing poker. Don't compromise reliability to save a few bucks. Do you really want your computer to crap out in the middle of a hand? Do you want to be kicked out of a tournament when your software and hardware freeze? We don't think so, but who really would when playing online poker saSA?