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Blacklisted Poker Sites

Everyone knows how fun and lucrative online poker can be. I use the word can because there are occasionally speed bumps along the way. For a great experience you want easy deposits, a solid selection of games, and plenty of perks. Yet fair games and easy access to your funds are absolutely essential.

It doesn't matter if you are just starting out or are the greatest player in the history of the universe. Not all sites and experiences are created equally. Fun should be universal but it isn't if you wind up playing on sketchy sites. We've taken the liberty to find the greatest poker rooms and warn you about the ones that should be avoided. We'll even tell you why!

Blacklisted sites in a nutshell:

  • Not all sites are created equally. We've found the best poker rooms and blacklisted the worst.
  • Stay away from sites with bad software.
  • Steer clear of poker rooms with poor management teams.
  • Always avoid sites with slow payments and bad customer service.
  • Blacklists change all the time, so it's important to stay updated with our guide if you can't do your own research.

Trust Is Invaluable

There's no shortage of reasons why certain sites should be avoided, but scandals are definitely grounds for dismissal. Past controversies can range from hackers compromising a site and weak security to sites seizing funds for no apparent reason. We instantly blacklist poker rooms that use bots masquerading as human players to create the illusion that there is a massive player base. You also don't want to play on sites with suspected or proven collusion. It's all about having a fair go.

We've all heard the old line that the cheque is in the post. Sometimes when the cheque finally arrives, you'll notice that the envelope is postmarked weeks after it allegedly went out. Nobody likes the anxi-ety of wondering if and when your payment is going to be processed or arrive at all. That's true with digital wallets and other withdrawal methods too. Slow payments make you wonder what kind of shell game management is playing and whether the site could disappear forever in the middle of the night. There's no need to be paranoid when you use our research. You don't have to experience blacklisted sites first hand.

Always Play Safe

Some sites use questionable software. Everything from rigged software to a total absence of real security are grounds for avoidance. Nobody wants spyware polluting their PC either. This applies to no download versions too where you can still suffer from cookies and spam.

Sometimes a new site will have a sketchy management team often assembled from the ashes of a previously blacklisted site. Why risk your hard earned money when there are so many great sites out there?

You Deserve Great Service

Sites with poor customer service should also be avoided. When dealing with money, it's always important to have responsive and easily accessible staff. It doesn't matter if the communication is by live chat, phone, or email. You should be able to get quick replies so you aren't left wondering. The staff at the other end should also be knowledgeable and willing to help. Nobody likes canned responses or lip service no matter what you are buying or selling.

Blacklists change all the time. New sites pop up on the scene each week and need to be assessed and thoroughly investigated. That's precisely where we come in. We don't just keep up with what's going on. We aim to stay ahead of the curve. When you read our reviews and take our recommendations, you can avoid blacklisted sites. Check out these highly regarded and thoroughly tested sites.