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How We Rate Poker Sites

There's nothing stopping just about anyone from posting reviews online. Whether you are critiquing restaurants and local shops or poker rooms around the globe, it helps to be an expert in your field. Why trust amateur critics when you can rely on professionals who actually know what they are talking about? When you play with us, you can count on reviews written by poker pros. Every site is thoroughly tested by multiple pros who have been playing online for over a decade.

To create a great review it's important for the reviewer to dive right in. That's why our pros pose as amateur players signing up for the first time. They browse the website, read the content, download the software, register for an account, and even contact customer service with random inquiries.

How we rate poker sites in a nutshell:

  • A team of poker pros writes all our reviews, which are always up to date.
  • Our reviewers pose as new players to mirror the experience our readers will have.
  • We test game play, game choice, traffic, the number of fish, and dozens of other key elements.
  • We test the speed and reliability of every available deposit and withdrawal method.
  • We won't recommend sites that have one major or two minor issues.

Free And Mobile

Before making a deposit, our reviewers test out the free games to get a feel for the game play, which is exactly what novice players tend to do. With the rise of no download sites, we also have our reviewers try each poker room on a variety of platforms including Mac, PC, mobile device, iOS, and Android.

Cashing In And Out

We also make deposits using all the methods available. We want to know how seamless funding your account is going to be. Do they update your balance in real time? Are there delays? Are there any surprises? How quickly are bonuses credited?

One of the hallmarks of a great site is the cash out speed. After a huge win you'll want easy access to your money. Most sites tell you what to expect, but we verify these speeds and note any glitches along the way. What good is winning if you can't access what you've won?

Don't Get Stuck Without Traffic

As we play on the site, we assess the traffic and see how loose the site really is. How are the stakes? Do the guaranteed tournaments pan out as promised? What are the big draws and do they meet the hype? We measure it all and when we're done, we measure it again.

Our poker pros also contact customer service using all of the available channels, during every stage of the game. From sign up to depositing all the way to winning and withdrawal, we need to make sure players get the service they need. When the site you play on is accessed from across the globe, it's comforting to know you can reach them whenever you need.

We Repeat For Best Results

Sites aren't just tested once, they are regularly retested so that our ratings are as accurate and up to date as humanly possible. The poker industry moves fast and our reviews reflect the ever-evolving poker landscape.

We know that there are a hundred places you can play. You also have dozens of other entertainment options outside the world of poker. That's why we only recommend the absolute best sites. If a site has even one major issue or two minor concerns, we instantly drop it from our roster. We believe you should concentrate on playing poker rather than dealing with sites that play games. You have a choice and we will help you make the right one.